Indexable Tools

Advanced indexable multi-step tools are designed to reach optimum potential and efficiency. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate all secondary operations and strive for one pass machining with a “first part, good part" scenario. ASI grind tolerances lead the industry and allow for modular tools to have zero run out at the machine spindle. We are able to achieve this with a radial / axial adjustment to compensate for spindle run out. As a result, multi-step tools are engineered to perform a wide variety of operations including multiple diameters, facing and producing radius/chamfer dimensions without sacrificing tolerance.
ASI applies unique development and machining processes to provide industry with state of the art materials and leading edge technology. The following developments and improvements are applied to our tooling technology

Special Applications:
State of the art tools are designed with "Wave-Flex" frequency controlled technology designed to dramatically reduce vibration and increase length to diameter ratios in the most challenging applications.