Wire EDM capability for intricate forms and multi-feature PCD tools. We use state-of-the-art EDM's which have edge feedback systems to create extremely sharp edges without introducing nano (or micro) cracking.

Electro discharge grinding (EDG) allows for maximum efficiency  utilizing sub-micron grit wheels which provides consistent high quality cutting edges.

Laser Processing to cut shape and produce unique edge prep and chip breaker designs. The lasers are custom built utilizing processors configured specifically for diamond; thereby minimizing damage done to the diamond during cutting.

Manual & CNC grinding machines configured with fixturing designed to keep a constant compressive load on the PCD in order to maintain the integrity of the intra-crystalline bond.

Air bearing and direct drive lapping stations equipped with laser calibration and vibration isolation technology.

State of  the art vacuum braze stations ensure accurate safe adhesion without thermal heat damage. takes the PCD through computer controlled heat zones which properly relieves the stress between the PCD and its carbide substrate.