Advanced Drilling Systems

PCD Drills: Available in both helical and straight flute designs.

Helically formed PCD segments are used to manufacture "vein style" drills. ASI "Heli-Flex" drills are produced with helically formed PCD segments. Vein formed PCD is subjected to intense heat transferring thermal heat damage into the diamond matrix. Heli-Flex drills have a much harder diamond matrix and the flexibility to choose from many different grades. The end results is a more flexible design with improved performance.


Carbide, High Grade Cobalt & HSS Drills: Ground with special geometry, polished flutes, edge prep, and superior drill point concentricity.

Drills and Drill/Countersink tools are designed for all varieties of CFRP-Aluninum-Titanium stacks. Spacematic-Drivematic & Quackenbush styles are available.