At ASI, we strive to develop new innovative cutting tool systems, as well as improve upon existing machine cells in an effort to reduce production costs, increase productivity and improve overall workpiece quality. We offer the following products and design them according to specific customer requirements based on machine parameters, workpiece tolerances and cycle time constraints.

  • Fine-Boring Tools: Designed with indexable inserts, advanced material guide pads and radial/axial adjustment at the spindle. PCD, CBN, Cermet, Ceramic and Carbide inserts are provided to best suit your application. Guide pads are ground to stringent tolerances to prevent deflection and dampen vibration. A T.I.R. ring is provided to indicate tooling assembles within .00005”. Fine boring tools are well suited for applications with tight tolerances, fine surface finish requirements and interrupted cuts.
  • Brazed PCD Tools: Multi-flute PCD tools are designed to run at maximum RPM and increased feed rates. We select from seven different grades of PCD to offer outstanding tool life and improved surface finish. One pass machining is not only possible but represents the majority of applications. Complete tooling assembles are generally used to control T.I.R., however hydraulic and shrink fit connections have proven to be very successful. All non-ferrous applications should be considered including aluminum cast, composites and glass filled plastics.
  • Face Milling: Lightweight coated aluminum face mills are designed for high feed rates and maximum resistance to chip wash. Indexable PCD inserts can be accurately and easily set to proper cutting height within 2µ (um). Our inserts are ultra-lapped and honed to ensure optimum tool life and durability. Standard balancing to 15,000 RPM and high velocity balancing available upon request. All cutters are adaptable to central coolant sprinkler heads and mount to the face of the cutter.