EndMills (Heli-Flex)

end mills

Heli-Flex Benefits

FLEXIBILITY: Standard series matched to general applications. Special applications can be configured with multiple grades of PCD or Carbide to achieve optimum results. Multi-material stack lay ups can be machined with a combination of grades on the same flute.

REDUCED COSTS: It is possible to re-sharpen, recondition and re-tip. Increased tool life 50-750 times standard carbide will lead to maximum cost savings. Minimize your inventory levels and reduce machine set up cost.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Much greater feed/speed rate than conventional tooling. Increased depth of cut and maximum material removal rate. Hard diamond matrix leads to less spindle down time and fewer tool change cycles.

ENHANCED WORK PIECE QUALITY: Improved surface finish is achieved through helical design and highly honed flute edge. Improved thermal conductivity and less material build up.